The outfit!

We need your photos to look AMAZING!  And here’s now…

  1. A white t-shirt and/or trousers (shorts/leggings, etc) is essential – it’s a fantastic blank canvas for all the paint you’re going to roll around in
  2. Your participant number – this is part of your entry pack and let’s us know what number you are.  The reverse also features emergency contact info, so please make sure you fill that in
  3. Shoes!  We’ll be dancing our way round the beach, so please don’t come barefoot.  Trainers would be ideal
  4. Let’s add some colour…  Your entry pack contains sunglasses, wristbands and a neon whistle, but why stop there…?
  5. Extra colour!  Any excuse and we’ll wear a tutu, but what about you?  We have all the merchandise you’ll need to finish your outfit – headbands, lei necklaces, face paints, sun visors and tutus
  6. Even more colour!!  You get a paint pouch in your entry pack, but you can buy more before the day and at the event

You’re going to get absolutely covered in powdered paint, so check out the T&C’s for advice about wearing old clothing, covering your hair and getting home without leaving a trail of rainbows behind you!