How your money helps

Our work is only possible because of you. The money you raise helps us to continue providing care and support to so many local families, completely free of charge – so a big thank you for everything you’ve done so far!

Here are just a few examples of how the money you raise may be use at Trinity Hospice, or in our dedicated children’s hospice, Brian House:

  • £3 provides a nutritious meal to tempt a poorly patient to eat
  • £10 provides art supplies for adults and children to make a memory box
  • £20 pays an for an inpatient nurse for 1 hour
  • £25 pays for an hour of complimentary therapy
  • £30 pays for 2 hours therapeutic play for a poorly child
  • £35 provides an hour’s music therapy giving a child the opportunity to express themselves
  • £150 covers the running costs of the children’s hospice for one hour
  • £350 pays for a patient on our Hospice at Home service, to enable them to die in their place of choice.
  • £500 pays for a patient to attend our day therapy unit for a 16 week course
  • £750 would pay for a month’s supplies of nursing equipment for Brian House
  • £900 a new syringe driver to support pain management in our hospice and for patients living at home
  • £1,500 provides a weekend’s respite care for a child in Brian House to give a family a needed break
  • £1,967 a new bed to be used in our In-Patient Unit

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